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About Ralftech Watches

Ralftech was created in 1998 by Franck Huyghe to open up the underwater world with top of the range, technically advanced equipment for divers.

Seven years later French technical diver, Pascal Barnabe, set an unequalled record for deep diving at 330 metres. On his wrist he wore a Ralftech WR1 watch; a testament to the amazing and exacting standards set by the company.

Ralftech watches utilise the e-matic™ system which ensures quartz accuracy with the ease of automatic winding, powered by the movement of the wearer’s wrist. The system is so well engineered that even after being left unused for six months the watch will re-start immediately.

Ralftech watches are available in four ranges, WR1, WRX, WRK and C3.

The WR1, created specifically for use in breaking the world depth record, combines rare and exacting technical specifications with elegant design. WR1 is a limited edition of just 500 watches.

The WRX watches are 51.5mm in diameter with rugged good looks and performance to match. Engineered from a block of 316L surgical steel, WRX watches are available in three finishes; brushed matt steel, black coated or polished steel.

The WRK range, with a diameter of 46.5mm, is functional and stylish with excellent legibility. With its case of 316L surgical steel it is the ideal accompaniment for all sports activities, both above and below the water.

C3 watches feature analogue and digital displays and are available in three face colours – black, yellow and orange. Watch body and strap are constructed using high quality stainless steel and the watches feature timer and calendar functions.

Precision diving watches require rigorous testing to ensure that they perform when reliability and engineering integrity are vital. Ralftech watches are tested using the facilities of HAUX, the German manufacturer of recompression chambers. The comprehensive testing undertaken simulates conditions at depth and is the most complete testing facility for diving watches.

Once the simulated condition tests are complete then real underwater tests are undertaken with watches put through their paces by experienced senior divers.