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About Momentum Watches

St. Moritz Watch Corp. commenced operations in North America in 1980. From the outset, we specialized in high quality sports watches, producing our own designs and also acting as agents for some well-known Swiss brands. (e.g. “Breitling” and “Revue Thommen”). We developed a strong OEM clientele, designing, manufacturing and servicing durable watches for a number of prestige clients under their own brands. Our clients include some of the most prestigious sports chains, catalogue companies and automobile manufacturers in the world.

Our watch collection expanded slowly but steadily, based on our reputation for providing customers with unparalleled value for money. Nobody is tougher on watches than SCUBA divers, so it is no coincidence that we have become particularly well known as a manufacturer of high quality divers’ and watersports watches.

By the early 1990's, we decided to focus on our own Momentum® and St. Moritz brands, and gradually relinquished agencies for other watch lines. We have become market leaders in the specialty SCUBA market segment, with an unmatched selection of different models, technologies and price-points. Our expertise in waterproof watches has also allowed us to expand rapidly into specialty sports, outdoor and paddle stores, with an emphasis on functional, legible watches that are built to last.

While the movements in our watches come either from Switzerland or Japan, we source components for our watches from all over the world. It is not unusual to find one of our models using a Swiss movement, a Japanese steel case and a deluxe band from Italy. Our goal is always to provide the best quality and value, sourcing each part that goes into our watches directly from the source, to deliver the maximum "bang for the buck".

Screw Down Crowns

The crown is the "winding knob" used to set the time and date on any watch with a normal dial and hands. Most St. Moritz and Momentum® watches feature screw-down, locking crowns. Better than a simple push/pull crown, this type of crown is designed for more extreme conditions and makes your watch more reliably water-resistant.

Essentially, the screw-down crown screws into your watch, like the hatch on a submarine. Screwing it firmly in against the case squeezes a rubber o-ring between the metal crown and the watch casing, thereby giving a positive water-resistant seal.

To adjust the time or date on your watch, you will need to grasp the crown and turn it a number of turns in a counter-clockwise direction, to unscrew it from the case, before you can pull out the crown to set the watch. Once the watch is set, you will need to screw the crown back in, by pressing it firmly against the case (it is spring-loaded!) and simultaneously turning it in a clockwise direction. Then, taking care not to force or cross-thread the crown, turn it until it is snug against the case and finger-tight. (No need for pliers!)


2/4/6 Year Extendible Warranty

St. Moritz and Momentum® watches* are covered against manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. At the end of 2 years, you can send in your watch for a Full Service, thereby extending the warranty for 2 years. After 4 years, you can send in your watch for a second Full Service, thereby extending your original warranty for an additional 2 years. (i.e. total of 6 years.)

What is covered?

  • Any manufacturing defects.
  • The accuracy and reliability of the watch movement.
  • The waterproof performance of the watch. (N.B. see notes on use of screw-down crown)

What is not covered?

  • Water damage caused by failure to screw in the crown correctly.
  • Batteries**
  • Damage caused by normal wear-and-tear or aging.
  • Bands which require replacement due to wear. (e.g. leather bands worn in the water)
  • Damage caused by abuse, misuse or accidents. (e.g. scratched or cracked crystals)
  • Damage arising after the watch is opened or serviced by anyone other than our Factory- or Authorized Service Centres.

* Some Models have special warranties. (e.g. our light powered Transformer Series has a simple 6 Year warranty, as no regular battery changes are necessary.) Check the warranty on your specific model.

** (Battery life can vary significantly, depending on how long the dealer has a watch in stock prior to sale, use of alarms, backlights, etc., therefore it is impossible to guarantee battery life.)

If your watch leaks:
Send the watch in to us a soon as possible. On receipt (provided there is no obvious damage like a cracked or broken glass), our technicians make sure the crown is screwed in correctly, then set the watch in one of our precise water-resistant testing machines. If the tester shows that the watch is not water-tight, despite the crown being screwed in correctly, your watch will generally be repaired or replaced immediately, then returned to you at no charge. If the tester shows that the watch is completely water-tight, then this is a clear indication that the moisture damage has been caused by the crown not being screwed in correctly. If this is the case, we will contact you to advise you of the cost of the repair. We make every effort to keep our repair costs for this type of repair as low as possible.

Service & Repairs

What is a Full Service?
This is a chargeable, complete maintenance service. Many customers, especially those who wish to ensure the long-term water-resistance of their watch, particularly appreciate this service. Some customers prefer to let our warranty lapse, and have their watch serviced locally. This decision is completely at your discretion.

Our Full Service includes:

  • Supplying and installing a fresh, high quality battery of the correct specification
  • Checking all seals/ o-rings and lubricating/flipping/replacing them as necessary
  • Resealing the watch and testing it to ensure proper waterproof seal to original specs.
  • Recording details of the service for warranty-tracking purposes
  • A 2 year extension of the existing warranty (up to max. 6 years) The cost of shipping & insurance to return the watch to you.

Factory Full Service?

  • Ensures your watch is professionally serviced.
  • Guarantees ongoing water-resistant performance.
  • Ensures that the correct specification, original parts are used for any repairs.

Even though some parts are not included in the Full Service (e.g. replacement bands, replacement crystals), nobody has a better selection of original St. Moritz and Momentum® parts and replacement bands, or can offer Service Upgrade Options like scratchproof sapphire crystals.
Nobody knows your watch better than we do.

Local Service?

  • May have lower initial cost (no shipping & insurance costs, no service record tracking, etc.)
  • May be quicker. (no delay while the watch is in transit to our Service Centre)

BUT… please note that having your watch serviced elsewhere will void our warranty. Local battery or repair shops do not have original parts (e.g. no replacement crystals, replacement bands, etc), and rarely offer an ongoing guarantee of water-resistance. (no machine to test this).

It will take time to send your watch for a Full Service. If you do not wish to be without your watch for any period of time, check with your local dealer: an increasing number of participating St. Moritz and Momentum® dealers can lend you a watch under our Loaner Program, so you have the use of a reliable timepiece, while yours is being serviced.

How to return a watch for service or repairs.
If you need to send in your watch for factory servicing or for any repairs, simply send us your watch.

Address it to "Atlantis Mall Limited", and send to Unit 17, Brookside Business Park, Cold Meece, Stone, ST15 0RZ. We recommend that you do not include reference to "Watches", "St. Moritz" or "Momentum®"” on the outside of the package, as this increases the risk of theft in transit.

Do not enclose the original gift box, as this simply increases the shipping weight and cost, but do package the watch carefully to prevent damage in transit. (e.g. wrap in bubble wrap).

Ensure that the package is adequately insured.
If you do not use our Service & Repair Form (above), please ensure that you provide us with your name, contact details and a brief explanation of the repair or service required. Including your email address will prevent delays by allowing us to contact you quickly, if necessary.

Replacement Bands

We offer a full selection of original St. Moritz and Momentum® replacement bands. We are known for the quality of our bands, most of which are specially made for us in Italy.

Our catalogues and this website show our most popular watch and band combinations, but if there is a special band colour or type you are looking for and do not find it illustrated, check with our service desk for other available combinations. By registering your purchase of any St. Moritz or Momentum® watch, you will automatically qualify for a special 10% discount on any original replacement bands you may order, either from our dealers, or direct from our Service Department. If you have not already registered and wish to do so now, please click here.

If you are already registered, then you can simply log in, select Order Replacement Bands, then navigate your way to your watch with the band option you require. Clicking on the image of the watch with the band you want will create an order for the replacement band and allow you to easily email it to our Service Department.


Most of our watches use heat-tempered, mineral crystals. These crystals are of a very high quality and most customers find them sufficiently hard and scratch-resistant for their purposes.

If a mineral crystal does get scratched (some of our customers can be pretty rough on their watches!), it is not possible to buff or polish the scratched crystal. The watch has to be sent in to our Service Centre, to have the crystal replaced and the watch properly resealed and tested.

Some high-end watches offer sapphire crystals, which are virtually scratchproof. Until recently, the cost of sapphire crystals was prohibitively high for all but the most expensive watches, but sapphire crystal prices are gradually decreasing to more affordable levels. We do now offer sapphire crystals as standard on some of our watches, and as an upgrade option on a growing list of models in our line. These crystals are made of synthetic sapphire and are virtually impossible to scratch, unless you drag a diamond across them. (But please note that a hard impact can still shatter a sapphire crystal; they may be virtually scratchproof, but they are not unbreakable!) If this is of interest to you, our service desk can advise you whether a sapphire crystal is available for your watch.